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About Diane

Diane Conquest is the creative person and blogger behind Abitofstyleicons and Abitofstyle clothing available at www.shop-abitofstyle.com


After completing her Master Degree at Paris Graduate School of Management she moved to LA for personal reason. In LA, she enrolled in a Professional Advertising course in UCLA Extensions. With a Degree from a French school and a Certificate from UCLA Extensions, she got a job at Yahoo Marketing in Burbank where she worked as Relevant Analyst for the French Market. She also became a mother for the first time in LA.

However in 2008 right after her second born, her family relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she created a clothing label for kids. Her Family is her first love. But since her childhood, she used fashion to express herself. Diane says that Fashion represents a major tool to communicate and not to lose sight of who she is or who she wants to become. Humbled to have the opportunity to share with you readers her personal style and travel via this blog. Beyond a personal style, this fashion blog also serves as inspiration for women who love fashion regardless of their age and who wish to use fashion as a tool in achieving their best life.

Traveling around the globe is an important part of Diane’s life. Inevitably, she will be sharing with you some her travel experiences which are inspiring for anyone who loves to travel. In another word, she hopes you come with her on this exciting journey!